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Apology letter written by Sheikh Abdullah to Hari Singh

In spite of what has happened in the past, I assure Your Highness that myself and my party have never harbored any sentiment of disloyalty towards Your Highness' person, throne, or dynasty.

May it please your Highness,

It is after one and a half year’s incarceration that – as long wished – I had an opportunity of having detailed talks with Thakur Nachint Chand Ji. What unfortunate things happened during this period in the state I need not mention. But this is now realized by every well-wishes of the state that many of the regrettable happenings of the past have mainly due to the misunderstanding which appear now to have deliberately been created by interested people in order to achieve their own ends. B.R Ramachandra Kak, the ex-Prime minister , through his mischievous methods and masterly maneuverings brought these misunderstandingsĀ  to a climax and succeeded in his attempt , through temporarily , to a certain extent. He painted me and my organization in the darkest colors and in everything that we did or attempted to do to bring Your Highness and your people closer, base and selfish motives were attributed to me. But God be thanked that all these enemies of Your Highness and the state stand exposed today.

In spite of what has happened in the past, I assure Your Highness that myself and my party have never harbored any sentiment of disloyalty towards Your Highness’ person, throne, or dynasty. The development of this beautiful country and the betterment of its people is our common aim and interest and I assure Your Highness the fullestĀ  and loyal support of myself and my organization. Not only this, but I assure Your Highness that any party, within or without the state, which may attempt to create any impediments in our efforts to gain our goal, will be treated as our enemy and will be treated as such.

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In order to achieve our common aim set forth above, mutual trust and confidence must be the mainstay. Without this it would not be possible to face successfully the great difficulties that beset our state on all sides at present.

Before I close this letter I beg to assure Your Highness once again of my steadfast loyalty and pray that God under Your Highness’ aegis bring such an era of peace, prosperity and good government that it may be second to none and be an ideal for others to copy.

Sheikh Mohamad Abdullah spearheaded the Quit Kashmir movement against the Dogra Despot Hari Singh in 1946. He was jailed for 3 years but however released only serving one and a half year in the Jail. Though Sheikh had pledged his allegiance by offering a Golden coin wrapped in a silken cloth to Hari Singh on 13 Sept, 1947, but that did not secure his release. Hari Singh pressed on the written apology letter , the message of Maharaja’s wish was carried to Sheikh through B.L Batra and Naichint Chand, to which Sheikh obliged. Only a year later, Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah under the banner of National Conference had launched an agitation against the Dogra ruler and a year later he himself ridiculed his own commitment.
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