Brokhpa: The lost army of Alexander the great in Kargil?

Today Brokpa don't shy away from education but they still continue to maintain their own unique culture without being hostile to others. Other Part of their community also lives in Baltistan and are located near  villages of Ganoaks, Morol, Dananusar, and Chechethang . 

Four towns of Dah, (Hano Goma and Hano Yogma), Darchik and Garkon arranged on the LOC in Kargil, Kashmir are said to be the descendents of the Alexanders lost armed force. At the point when Alexander the great relinquished his military at the banks of Indus river in 326 B.C.E, they chose to remain. The 1800 strong Brokhpa in the North-East of Kargil are a small Dard community who guarantee to be the only tribe that can follow its genepool to the Alexanders Army. Not at all like Ladakhis, they have unmistakable highlights than that of Ladakhis who have Tibeto-Mongol highlights, Brokhpa are tall with blue eyes, light skin, some of them blonde or with red hair with high cheek bones. Their unmistakable highlights stand them out from the people in Kargil.However there is no DNA proof of their claim.

Godfrey Thomas Vigne, the British maveric pioneer, was the first outsider to keep up the primary contact with the community and propounded the hypothesis that either Brokhpa are the last remainders of the Alexanders Army or the first Aryan race. The Jammu and Kashmir Territories (1875) by Frederic Drew, was the main book alluding the Brokhpa people group. They follow their relocation from Rome-Europe to Chilas, Gilgit and to Kargil in their folklores, since they don’t have a historical record of their tribe. Regardless of thousands of years, Brokhpa has kept up its lifestyle through strict social standards and controls. Intermixing with outsiders isn’t energized and they typically wed inside the tribe.

Today Brokpa don’t shy far from education however despite everything they keep on keeping up their own one of a kind culture without being hostile to other people. Other Part of their community likewise lives in Baltistan and are found near  towns of Ganoaks, Morol, Dananusar, and Chechethang . Minaro is also an ethnic name for the Brokpa people.

The local language spoken by the four villages is understood only by Brokhpas. They speak the Shina dialect , a little different from other Shina Dialect, and follow mainly Budhism, animism and some Shia Islam. The Brokpa is the name given by Ladakhis which either means an Ethnic turk or just nomad.There is no logical scientific evidence that the Brokpa  has a similar gene pool of that of the Alexanders Army or the first Aryan race. So as to support the travel industry, the towns were given open access in 2010. As of late there has been an expansion  in pregnancy tourism in these confined towns, where women from Europe visited to get impregnated by what “they believed to be from the pure Aryan race”, however these may simply be bits of gossip and are not verified.

Some people don’t buy the Brokpa theory and trust that because of the foreign travellers who come to see the Brokpa’s with their own understanding and stories, Brokpa’s are led to believe the Aryan theory or Alexander theory by rehashing it.  Whatever might be the case, it unquestionably has put an isolated community in Kargil on the world map and surely is supporting its travel industry.



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