Cashmere: Cush tribe and where did they come from?

His theory was based upon controversial theory proposed by two scientists from Columbia University that there was a massive flood in the Black Sea region.


Robert Ballard, an underwater archaeologist, who found Titanic claimed that the great deluge was actually based on real events. His theory was based upon controversial theory proposed by two scientists from Columbia University that there was a massive flood in the Black Sea region. He further revealed that around 12000 years ago much of the world was covered with ice and the Black Sea was a freshwater lake surrounded by farmland.

There was a period when the temperature of the earth rose. This caused the glaciers melt and rush towards the world oceans. About 60,000 Sq. miles of land was flooded, the sea level rose by hundreds of feet, the force of the water was 200 times that of Niagara Falls, 150,000 square kilometers went under the sea. According to the Oceanologist, the flood took place around 5000 B.C.E.


Though Ballard has found an ancient shipwreck which is from 500 B.C.E and pottery, he is yet to find traces of the Ark made by Noah. However, he found traces of the existence of people from the era. Whether some people, believe it or not, there are credible references that an actual flood had happened, the traces of the civilization are believed to have gone under water.

After more than 150 days, the Ark of Noah touched the soil. Most of the people of that era were wiped out. The mention of a flood is also mentioned in other civilization including Mesopotamian, Mayan, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. The earth was left to Noah and his followers who would later found settlements around the world. Prophet Noah had four sons: Sham, Ham, Yam and Japheth. The four of the sons would later found the settlements of a new world. 

The Kassite or Cush tribe:

Cush was the son of Ham, grandson of Noah who founded various settlements around Mesopotamia, Iran and Kashmir. So the Kassite tribe or Cush tribe was named after the grandson of Noah who was its founder. In their bid to find necessities of shelter and survival, wherever they went they named places after “Cush”. They named villages, cities, rivers, settlements and even mountains after Cush. They named “Kashani” river in Mesopotamia, Kashmar in Iran.

In Central Asia, they named “Kashm-mora”, “Kash” a village of Baghdad, Kashmohra and Kashania in Samarkand. In Afghanistan, they settled at Kash-Kar, Kash-Hil, Kash-Ek, and Kashu. They also founded Kashan, Kashaf and Kashi in Mesopotamia. Later on, they named “Hindu-Kush” mountains, when they entered “Kashmir”.


South of Hindu-Kush there also lies a settlement as “kashmor”. Here they settled at “Kishtwar” and from that day the valley came to be known as “Kasheer” and its inhabitants as “Koshur”. At the time when “Kush” tribe settled in Kashmir, the tribe was led by “Kashyapa”. Kashyapa was an able leader.  He succeeded in bringing harmony and maintaining peace between insiders and outsiders.This time Kashmir was submerged by water and people lived in mountains and caves. Early people of Kashmir were cave-dwellers around 3000 B.C. It was the time Kashmir was ruled by local Naga Kings.

It is during the rule of these Naga kings, Kashmir was founded. The legend has it that Kashmir has been derived from “Kashyapa-pur”. This is completely wrong as the word “Pur” stands for city not country. It translates to the “City of Kashyapa” instead of the country of Kashyapa”. It is believed that the great deluge had caused the “Sati-Saras” of Kashmir.

Draining of the Lake: The time of Kashyapa witnessed a radical change in the landscape of Kashmir. Despite being surrounded by water, the valley would witness frequent earthquakes and landslides from time to time. A frequent and sudden convulsion of nature and frequent earthquakes cut the mountain barrier near Baramulla which created a pathway for the water to flow into neighboring Punjab. The passage drained the water and oval shaped valley came to existence. However this transformation did not happen in a year. It must have taken years. 

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