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Das Kapital: Inside the mind of Karl Marx

Das Kapitol was written by a German Philosopher and an economist Karl Marx in the 19th century. In the book, Karl argues that the capitalist system will collapse. Marx considered capitalist system, where the elite controls the production whereas the working class plunges more into poverty , as obsolete which will eventually be replaced by a socialist society. He does not mention when.

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He published the first edition in 1867 in London where he settled. The idea will inspire various revolutions in the world where the ruling class was thrown out including Russia and China. There are arguments that Marxism is just another form of capitalism where private owners are replaced by the Government. And with the collapse of Soviet Union in 1990’s, Marxism went out of fashion. However, it soon found its place , during the global financial crash in 2008, where people saw the collapse of Capitalism just as Karl Marx had predicted. The book sheds light on the Marxism and its birth.

Publishing date: 1867
Author: Karl Marx


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