Died in 1003, Kashmiri Queen Didda never fought Mehmood of Gaznah

Recent news suggests that the Indian Film industry is set to produce a movie on the life of Queen Didda. According to the producers, she fought Mehmood Gaznavi and won, but there are loopholes in the story. In a bid to lay claim on Kashmiri history, as usual, the movie claim is a blatant lie. Here we answer the question about her rule and who actually defeated Gaznavi?

History 101:

In the 10th century, the kingdom of Kashmir witnessed trouble and unrest. The country was held hostage by the feudal lords and militaristic establishments who deposed kings and murdered opponents. Such was the situation that a child who was installed as the king lived only ten days and another was killed after two years. In addition to this, if the king was not in concurrence with the military, he will be thrown in Jehlum and another phizog made. In such chaos, Didda appeared on the scene. She remained under the influence of her paramour minister who directed her on the political affairs.

Didda first acted as the regent of her son Abhimanyu and later took the reigns of the kingdom on the death of her son. She killed the political opponents, massacred rebels, and ruled with an iron hand.

Such was the ferocity of her blood-lust that she murdered her own two grandchildren when Abhimanyu was gasping for breath on his death bed. The move was to ensure the recuperation of complete power of the kingdom after her son died. Dida was influenced by her minister who had made it to the political corridors in a very short period.

The Herdman carried letters of the kingdom and in return of her services to the Queen Didda, once she gained power, he was made the minister. She ruled from 951 C.E until her death in 1003 C.E. There are two versions of the year of two unsuccessful advances of Mehmood of Gaznah into Kashmir – 1015 and 1022. Leaving apart the date-related discussion and other nuances, the queen couldn’t have fought him besides that she never fought on the battlefield, except for giving orders to kill the political opponents. By the time, Ghaznavi was thinking about extending his kingdom, the queen was long dead.

The reasons for the Afghan King to lose in Kashmir wasn’t the prowess of the Kashmiri Kingdom as at this time the powerful country was at its weakest given the internal conflicts and coups, it was that the terrain of Kashmir was laden with snow and pathways weren’t familiar to the foreign kings. Kashmiris were capable of fighting in snow and tough terrains.

Thus, they secured the victory. This also became one of the factors in the victory against the Mughals during the Chak Sultanate. At this time, the kingdom was led by her nephew with the support of the military. In nutshell, no Didda was not a fine lady; one that can inspire, but a blood-thirsty queen who killed her children to remain in power. The last king of this dynasty fled Kashmir when a Mongol war-lord Dulcha attacked in 1320 and a Tibetan Prince Gylabu Richana appeared on the scene and fought the Mongol barbarians with the help of commander Shah Mir.

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