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Saad saet: Five resistance songs from Kashmir

If we were to define Cashmere in two words, it would be hospitality and resistance. The music has been part of human civilization ever since its inception. It has encouraged revolutions in every part of the world, whether that was the Italian resistance or the Arab spring. Kashmir has had its musical revolutions where street poets express their feelings and use music as a medium to reach out to the masses. We are well known about the symbolic Azadi songs that have become synonymous with Kashmir. Of late, Kashmiri singers have adopted the new ways of singing and with the advancements in the music industry, the singers have taken to a new genre of music; Rap.

Following is a list of one of the best rap songs from Kashmir:

  1. Like a Sufi – MC Kash and Alif.

2. Fist held high – Mc Kash

3. Mayyi Chanye – Ali Saiffudin

4. Zulmato – Ali Saifuddin

5. Mc Kash & Haze Kay

Struggling with the conflict and trying to have their voices heard, Kashmiri rappers have done a tremendous job to put Kashmiri voices in the global community, the debt that can be never paid.

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