Head of Police in Kashmir extends his support to setting up ‘deradicalization camps’ for Kashmiri kids

Srinagar  –  Dilbagh Singh, Director General of Police in the disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir, has extended his support to set up deradicalization camps in Kashmir. Briefing the media, he welcomed the step and said ‘if such a facility springs up, it will be welcomed’. The idea was first propagated by Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat which received criticism from several activists. He further stated, ” If such a facility is started with the religious and Civil society being part of it, it should be welcomed“. The statements caused an uproar among netizens and Child rights activists who saw it a euphemism for internment camps.

Kashmir continues to remain under strict restrictions and its former Chief ministers are still in detention after the Indian Government unilaterally revoked its quasi-sovereign status and put the region under strict curfew and a communication blackout. Though much of the restrictions have been lifted after five months of lockdown, internet restrictions and political uncertainty continue to affect normal life. The current communication blackout has been considered the longest in a democracy. The Himalayan region is claimed by Pakistan and India as its part which over the years has deleted the genuine voices of Kashmiri’s struggling for the peaceful resolution of their political aspirations.

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