I don’t see any people there, Kashmiris respond to the envoy

It seems that Tahir Qadiry has rubbed it the wrong way in Kashmir. Part of 25-members envoy, Tahir Qadiry, who is currently in Kashmir on a government-sponsored trip along with other 25 members from Germany, France, Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, and Hungary.

Tahir has posted a number of tweets from Kashmir which invited the irks from Kashmiri netizens who were more interested in which VPN was he using as Social media stands banned in Kashmir and locals-only have access to 301 white-listed websites with second-generation internet. It looks his posting didn’t go down well with Kashmiri’s.

Kashmir has been reeling under the longest communication blackout ever since the Indian Government struck down the Quasi-Sovereign status of Kashmir on Aug 5, 2019, by rushing additional troops, imposing a communication blackout across the region and detaining thousands of Kashmiri politicians and civilians. The territory was put under a military curfew and divided into two Union territories on 31 Oct 2019. However, most of the restrictions were lifted after 4 months, high-speed internet and Kashmiri leadership still remain in jails.

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