Pakistan ready to hold a referendum, says Imran Khan

Imran Khan on Thursday’s interview with Deutsche Welle said that Islamabad is ready to hold a UNSC referendum in Pakistan Administered Kashmir. He further said that Pakistan was ready to let go of Azad Kashmir if they no longer want to remain with Pakistan.

“Azad Kashmir holds free and fair elections and elects its own government” lashing at the Indian government he said ” let us invite observers from all over the world. I assure you that they can go to the Pakistan side of Kashmir but won’t be allowed on the Indian side”. He further invited people from Pakistan to visit Pakistan Administered Kashmir to asses the human rights situation in the region.

This is for the first time the Pakistan government has talked about holding a UNSC monitored plebiscite in their part of the Kashmir.

The statement comes after India’s unilateral revocation of Indian Administered Kashmir’s quasi-sovereign status by rushing additional troops to already heavily militarized zone, the arrest of thousands of political leaders and putting the region under the largest communication blackout. The restriction continues to remain in force even after 165 days.

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