PR stunt during recent snowfall brings more embarrassment to JK police

The untimely snowfall in Cashmere led to traffic jams, with most of the areas being cut off from electricity, hospitals running out of power, crops being damaged and exams being postponed, people of Cashmere woke up to a more bizarre scene in their streets. Deployment of JK Police for snow clearance. However, it wasn’t until they pulled out unnecessary ropes, tubes and life jackets in a snow clearance drive which cracked up whole of the valley.

The strange scene of policemen wearing life jackets and flood rescue gears caught attention of the netizens. With some cracking jokes on the PR stunt of Jammu and Kashmir police while others terming it a routine exercise to charge the state exchequer a hefty amount. The internet was full of mixed reactions from Kashmiri’s.

“Joke of the year and look at them the tools they show for clearance are basically used for road widening and Stone crushing ” a social media user wrote on Facebook.

The former Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir wrote on his micro blogging twitter profile

Shuja-Ul-Haq, a prominent journalist based in Cashmere tweeted on his Twitter profile

Though it brought a massive embarrassment to the department of J&K Police which is already struggling , but given that whats happening in Cashmere , these pictures really gave the people of Cashmere something to chuckle.

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