Prepare a Kehwa this winter

Kahwa is a traditional Kashmiri tea made from saffron, cardamon, Cinamon, spices, nuts and dry fruits. It’s usually prepared in a traditional brass kettle called Samovar, which has a central cavity in which burning coal is put, and surrounding it is the tea.


The tea is usually prepared on special occasions, in winters or say, on every other occasion. Tea is like the national drink of Kashmir where every breakfast is empty without a cup of tea, but however, Kahwa, is prepared in marriages, or if a guest came in, or all of a sudden as a refreshment. The tea is beneficial for cutting down the cholesterol and also served after the food for refreshment.


  1. Milk Kahwa
  2. With water.


  1. Kashmiri green leaves.
  2. Kashmiri Saffron is known as Kong.
  3. dry fruits like raisins, almonds, cashews, nuts, etc.
  4. Water or Milk.
  5. Spices (Cardamom, Cinnamon,)
  6. Samovar or you can use a pot if you can’t find a Kashmiri Samovar.
  7. Sugar or no sugar.
The two portions of Samovar


The preparation is simple. Add water in the samovar or the pot and as soon as it catches a little heat, add all of the spices except Saffron. Put Cardamom, Cinnamon, sugar some people also put cloves and close the lid. As soon as you see the golden color appearing in the water or milk, lower the heat, if you’re making in a Samovar, just close the lid. After a few minutes, you shall smell cardamom in the air and fragrance of spices will fill the room. If it’s golden, take it off from the gas.

Traditional Kashmiri Samovar

Add green tea, dry fruits, and saffron. After you have done that, just close the lid and let it dissolve for some time. Once you have given it a good time, just open the lid to smell it. Its smell shall let you know if it’s ready or not.

If it’s ready, pour it in your cups and enjoy your own tea. If your Kahwa didn’t turn out to be good, you can always try it again, until you know how to prepare it.

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