Why is Hong Kong important to China?

After the people’s republic of China was founded in 1949, the state did not claim the Hong Kong. Notwithstanding amid the chilly war, Britain was the principal real intensity of the West perceiving the P.R.C. as the authentic legislature of China in 1950 and posted a chargé d’affaires substitute in Beijing from 1954 until 1972 when China concurs full acknowledgment to HMG, allowing the trading of ministers. Considering the extreme authorizations forced by the United States against China of that time, Chinese Premier Zhou En-lai not just encouraged the Sino-British exchange board as semi-official exchange body (later converged with the Group of 48), yet in addition made HK as the key “window” to the outside world. Considering the present situation, Hong Kong served as a channel to help China acquiring different innovations, monetary things and remote monetary forms, which were so priceless to China for it was anxious to grow yet was disengaged by the US-directed Coordinating Committee for Export to Communist Countries. The shrouded job of Hong Kong as a “window” was not completed until 1972 when the Sino-United States’ rapprochement was made in light of the genuine politique of the world undertakings.

At the point when China began the change and receptiveness in the late 1970s, Hong Kong had likewise changed stunningly as far as articles of clothing enterprises, open lodging project and general expectation for everyday comforts. Without a doubt, this fast industrialization was driven by material fares, minimal effort fabricating things and re-fares of good to China. What’s more, endeavours were made amid the 1970s—1980s with the view to enhancing people in general administrations, condition, social welfare and framework, which thus established the framework for Hong Kong to set up itself as the first of the “four Asian tiger economies”. Because of this, Hong Kong normally came to be the indispensable door for terrain China to draw generally focused assembling know-how, budgetary administration, and remote direct speculation into the financial zones in southern China which were opened up to outside organizations. This isn’t one-path advantage since Hong Kong expected to exchange its low-talented and monstrous work ventures to China. Under the success win recipe, Hong Kong has created itself as a worldwide monetary focus alongside London and New York city, a territorial centre point for coordination’s and cargo, one of the quickest developing economies in Asia and the model of free enterprise advertise arrangement comprehensively.

Hong Kong will go about as the key player in China’s century undertaking of “the Belt and Road Initiative”. The explanations for are as per the following, since its arrival to China, Hong Kong has kept its unmistakable highlights and qualities, including its energetic city where the East meets the West stays as solid as ever. For instance, Hong Kong’s influences are its information of back administration, worldwide exchange and advancements inventiveness, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Renminbi internationalization and other significant improvement techniques, which are immensely critical to “the Belt and Road Initiative”. As China has entered the last stage to understand its national objective as a worldwide power, improvement is both the best need and a withstanding interest. Therefore, it is pivotal for Hong Kong’s survival as well as gives a priceless chance and a boundless wellspring of qualities and expansive space for it to address conspicuous monetary and employment issues that individuals are worried about. Keeping that in mind, the new Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor promised that HKSAR takes every essential measure to uphold the standard of “one nation, two frameworks”.

1.2 The importance

Hong Kong transformed into an uncommon administrative area Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China in 1997 under “One nation, two frameworks” Policy. This procedure at first thought about areas China considered its own, for instance, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, to continue under industrialist systems while whatever is left of China remained socialist. Hong Kong has since a long time ago filled in as a portal to China, anyway the job has reduced throughout the years as China has opened up its business sectors and impregnated the worldwide budgetary market. Regarding Gross residential item, Hong Kong’s offer has tumbled from 16 percent in 1997, when it was given over to China to 3 percent as the terrain China has outpaced the previous British state. The fares have sunk to 51 % to 17% amid that year. Notwithstanding, the measurements disregard to show major capacity Hong Kong plays in issues of interest in and outside of China. Hong Kong has stayed crucial to the terrain China and keeps on outstanding a centre point for remote speculation. “One nation, two frameworks outline work” has added to the security of capital speculators in the city. Against the Initial Public contributions brought up in terrain China ($25 billion), Chinese companied have brought $43 Billion up in the Hong-Kong advertise. China has significantly profited by the remarkable status of Hong Kong, its centre of money related speculation, and for remote organizations as well as from terrain China. Regardless of being fixed from Mainland China; Hong Kong is firmly associated with it and has totally bound together itself with the worldwide economy. Throughout the years, China has turned into an open market which has set off the discussion on the significance of Hong-Kong to China. Hong-Kong’s rich coordinated effort with China, free market and principle of law makes it additionally speaking to the financial specialists. In year 2016, all outside supported tasks endorsed in China for Hong-Kong interests measured total used capital inflow of US$913.7 billion (S$1.3 trillion).

Also, Hong-Kong gives a steady business market to organizations willing to put resources into the territory. At an inexorably fundamental measurement, various remote heads for whom vernacular and social checks would make life on the domain farfetched can live peacefully in Hong Kong while remaining possessed with business assignments on the territory.

Hong Kong’s persuasions are its data of store the officials, overall trade and advances imagination, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Renminbi internationalization and other huge enhancement procedures. China has also enlivened the world with its advancement over the span of ongoing years and is most likely going to wind up one of the fundamental economies on the planet in which Hong Kong will expect a basic employment. Hong Kong has been the most basic wellspring of general capital for the territory. With its easy to cooperate standards, stable fiscal market Hong Kong remains a middle point for Chinese associations to open up to remote monetary experts and go about as a demonstrating ground for outside organizations who need to start up their business in Mainland China. Regardless, inspectors trust this may change in next couple of years as unfriendly to Chinese estimation continues rising and with China opening itself to remote money related markets. Hong Kong keeps on going about as a portal among China and rest of the world and one of the principle economies of the world. The 66% of the direct remote speculation comes through Hong Kong and with Beijing’s designs of making Hong Kong and encompassing urban areas into Silicon Valley, the significance and noteworthiness of Hong Kong to China as far as monetary market will stay imperative.

According to Stephen Chiu and Tai-Lok Lui (2009) “Hong Kong: a small city with a big reputation. Its total area is only 1,104 square kilometres but, according to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, in 2007 it was the world’s 11th largest trading economy, the 15th largest banking centre according to external banking transactions, the sixth foreign exchange market on the basis of turnover, and the seventh worldwide and third largest stock market in Asia in terms of market capitalization.

The greater influence of the Shanghai index on the HSI is partly due to the cross-listing of many Mainland companies in Shanghai and Hong Kong. The weight of Mainland stocks in the Hang Seng Index has increased sharply in recent years. In January 2001 only two out of 33 constituent stocks in the HSI were Mainland stocks. In December 2008, 20 out of the 42 HSI constituent stocks were Mainland stocks ( He .D , Zhang.Z and Wang .H 2009). Shu .C, He.D,Wang.H and Dong.J 2014.Stated that US stocks have a positive impact on Chinese and Asian stocks. US bond yields have a positive impact on Asian bonds, reflecting the funding cost and “search-for-yield” effects (He and McCauley (2013)). The same effects might not be directly exerted on Chinese bonds, in view of China’s capital controls.

The Hong Kong market outperformed major overseas markets in 2017. After recording a mild increase in 2016, the HSI caught up with global markets in 2017 and surged 36.0%. The HSI hit the 30,000 level for the first time in a decade. In absolute terms, the HSI rose 7,919 points in 2017, the largest-ever annual advance. The HSCEI rose 24.6% to a 2-year high. Trading was very active, with an average daily turnover of HK$88.2 bn, 32% higher than the average in 2016, (SFC, 2018).

Most major markets rose amid strong economic fundamentals and solid corporate earnings. Market liquidity remained abundant amid gradual tightening or tapering by major central banks. The Mainland market rebounded amid a stabilised economy, stronger renminbi and solid corporate earnings. After recording a mild gain in 2016, the Hong Kong market caught up with and outperformed major overseas markets. Southbound inflows through Stock Connect provided support. (SFC,2018)


All things being equal, in spite of a developing feeling of neighbourhood personality and even a reasonable enemy of Chinese conclusion among the post-1997 age, a great many people in HK concede that in the following 20-30 years, thing will change. They have the scaffolds between Hong Kong, Macau and the urban areas in China, and they have rapid rail also. These foundations will change Hong Kong and in the long run the outskirts will wind up consistent. Subsequently, “Hong Kong will coordinate more in China, in any case.” These words were trusted by a HK business financier Allen Zeman. What he said isn’t misrepresented, yet regardless he overlooked the main issue, that is, the focal government in Beijing enables nobody to meddle with the Hong Kong’s the same old thing and to go amiss from the official line of the guideline of “one nation, two frameworks”.

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