The hilarious Youtube videos that have no replacement

Laughter is the aspirin for almost every pain except the pain of being friend zoned.  Here are the five most funny sketches to chuckle you up for a brighter day or perhaps a busy night.

1. YouTuber  Maxim Bady is notorious for lifting videos from the internet and commenting on them. His made up accent and funny commentary makes the ride smoothly funny.



2. College Humor, a YouTube channel creates the alternate scene of the Dark Knight climax. However, this ending has a twist and a Batman that hardly fits the likes of Christian Bale.



3.  Key & Peele needs no introduction. Their sketches are short, hilarious and full of entertainment.



4. Russel Peters describes his experience of visiting the Saudi Prince and the laughable events that unfolded after.



5. Being an immigration officer is hectic. In this video, an officer Ian interviews Taj as a part of his duty.


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