Holy Prophet Muhammad and his letter to the Kingdom of Cashmir

Long before Kashmir’s Tibetan prince Richana will be impressed by the character of Bulbul Shah and embrace Islam, the last prophet of Islam, Muhammad ﷺ sent his two emissaries to the kingdom of Kashmir. In the year 630 and during the reign of the local king Veenadtya, Abu Hazifa Yemeni reached Kashmir along with the letter from the prophet. En route to China, Yemeni was stuck in the valley due to harsh winter, and he was welcomed by the king with open arms providing him with lodging, and necessities for their winter stay. He was bestowed with the title of Zalkar by the king. During the rule of Umar Ibn Khattab, an emissary of six people was sent to the kingdom again.

Only one of them made it back to Arabian lands, and the remaining four died due to heavy snowfall. Their leader Musa stayed back and was buried in Kulgam. The third delegation of Arabian preachers reached Kashmir during the time of the Karkota Dynasty, and it is during this period a tribe called Zut that lived near Martand has already an overwhelmingly Muslim population. Prior to this period, Islam had already been introduced by the Arabian and Persian traders, as the country enjoyed strong trading relations with Central-Asia, and many of the local kings had native soldiers who had already embraced Islam. This happened before the time of Shah-I-Hamdan.

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