Kazakhstan’s University is named after the 16th-century governor of Cashmir

After serving as the advisor of the Mughal emperor Humayun in 1533, Mukhamad Khaidar Ibn Mukhamad Khusain Dulati (1499-1451) came to the kingdom of Cashmir during the rule of Shahmiri Sultanate in 1540. He was designated as the governor and remained in the position until he died in the country in 1551. He was a known historian, poet, commander, and statesman who also took part in the foundation of Kashgar Khanate in 1514. A representative of the nobility of the Turkic tribe Dulati, his ancestors held powerful positions in Monglistan (Parts of Kazakhstan, East-Turkestan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan.)

M. Kh Dulati Monument

To honor his achievements, Kazakhstan named Taraz state university after him on 3 3 November 1997. Furthermore, his monument was also erected in the city of Taraz on 26 August 1998, in addition to his 500th anniversary being celebrated by UNESCO in 1999. His work in poetry and history is very well recognized and among the works that he produced, the most significant to mention is Tarahi Rashidi and Jahaname.

University in Kazakhstan

The former is an encyclopedic work that describes the historical events of the 14-16 centuries. including the establishment of Kazakh Khanate and the latter has love as its main theme. The poem is written in the Turkic language (Shaga Tai dialect).

He’s buried in the yard of Zainul Abideen’s mother’s tomb in Downtown, Srinagar.

Grave of M. Kh Dulati in Kashmir.

Inside the tomb, there are two graves – one is of Sultan Zainul Abideen’s mother and the other is believed to be of Zainul Abideen. Erected in the fifteenth century, the unique five-domed structure resembles that of the designs of the Byzantine empire. 

Tomb of Zain-ul-Abideens mother in downtown, Srinagar.

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